Actress Lexa Doig Cast As Talia Al Ghul!
02 Nov. 2016

Actress Lexa Doig Cast As Talia Al Ghul!

Some more casting news has come out today, and this is a big one! TV Line has learned that Talia Al Ghul is coming to “Arrow” later this season, and will be played by “Andromeda” and “Stargate SG-1″actress Lexa Doig.

TV Line describes Talia as being “worldly and cultured, and an elite warrior who doesn’t pick sides but rather creates her own.” They also revealed that Talia will make her debut in episode ten of this season.

This wont be the first time we have seen Talia in the DCTV universe, as she made a brief appearance in “Legends of Tomorrow” as a child last season. But ever since Ra’s Al Ghul was teased in season two, and brought in as a main villain in season three, I always wondered if they would decide to fully bring Talia into mix, and now that we know they are, and I can’t wait to see this new iteration of Talia Al Ghul!

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