Some Familiar Faces Returning For Arrow’s 100th Episode
23 Sep. 2016

Some Familiar Faces Returning For Arrow’s 100th Episode

A series making it to one hundred episodes is always a big deal, and it also means we can expect some cool surprises to happen in the actual one hundredth episode when it airs. This looks to be the case with “Arrow” as well, as some interesting reveals were made on social media letting us know about some familiar characters who will be coming back to the series’ for it’s one hundredth episode.

Putting out the spoiler warning for those who want to be kept surprised until the episode actually airs.

Spoilers Below:

The first reveal comes from Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, who tweeted out an image of a table read for the one hundredth episode, and revealed that actor Jamey Sheridan will be coming back as Oliver’s father Robert Queen, but the most interesting part of the tweet was the caption that said, ” No Flashpoint. No flashbacks.”


The second reveal comes from a post by Katie Cassidy on Facebook, where she posted the following image that would make you assume that she will have a role in the one hundredth episode also.

Katie Cassidy returning for the one hundredth episode shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since we’ve known she signed a deal to appear across all of the DCTV shows this season. But Robert Queen coming back definitely has me intrigued, mainly by the fact that Marc Guggenheim said it will not be part of Flashpoint or a flashback sequence. Is he just coming back for this one episode, or will he become a regular on the series once he returns and just be another obstacle for Oliver to deal with?

We shall find out when “Arrow” airs it’s one hundredth episode later this season!

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