12 Jul. 2015

New Season 4 Details From The Arrow Comic-Con Panel

Arrow’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con just wrapped up, where some new info on season four was revealed, as well as our first look at Oliver’s new costume for this upcoming season!

The panel began with a new highlight reel recapping the events of last season, which you can see in the video above, but here are some of the new details about season four that were also revealed at the panel tonight:

Stephen Amell came onto the stage in his costume and referred to himself as the Green Arrow

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti says “”We’ve always said the progression for Oliver is from Arrow to Green Arrow, and this is the next step.”

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed Malcolm Merlyn will be back donning his hood again by the season’s third episode.

Diggle will get a costume this season, which was shown at the panel and will have a helmet.

The hero Mr. Terrific will be joining the show this season, along with the Batman villain Anarky


I’m loving the new suit, as looks like it came straight out of the pages of the Green Arrow comics from the New 52! Mr. Terrific will be a cool character to have on the series, and while it’s yet another Batman villain being used, I always liked the villain Anarky, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he will be portrayed on “Arrow.”

Stay tuned as we await more news on the fourth season of “Arrow,” which begins October 7th.

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