Two More Actors Cast In Roles For Arrow Season 3
05 Aug. 2014

Two More Actors Cast In Roles For Arrow Season 3

Both TV Guide and The Hollywood Reporter have revealed two more actors and the characters they’ll be playing in the third season of “Arrow.” Actors Charlotte Ross and David Cubitt will be a part of the upcoming season, but for who they’re playing, I’m putting the spoiler warning out there for those who want to be fully surprised on which characters are showing up in season 3.

Spoilers Below:

TV Guide revealed that actress Charlotte Ross will be playing Felicity’s mother in an upcoming episode next season in early November, but did not specify what episode, or whether or not it will be in a flashback sequence or in the present. It was previously announced that a Felicity centric episode titled “Oracle” will happen in season 3, so that would probably be a safe bet to guess on when we’ll see Felicity’s mother.

The other cast member announced was actor David Cubitt, who The Hollywood Reporter revealed will be playing Mark Shaw, a DC character who in the comics becomes Manhunter. They also go on to reveal that Mark Shaw will show up in the third episode of season 3, and will be an A.R.G.U.S. operative who will cross paths with Diggle. For those unfamiliar with the character of Manhunter, here is an image of him from the comics.


It’s going to be interesting to see where the writers and producers go with these two characters this season, and how much of a factor they’ll play, but one thing is for sure, every casting announcement made so far for this season keeps getting me more and more intrigued to whats in store for us in season 3.


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