First Look At Dinah Drake In Her New Black Canary Costume
13 Jul. 2017

First Look At Dinah Drake In Her New Black Canary Costume

Entertainment Weekly has given us our first look at Dinah Drake in her new Black Canary costume in season six for their special Comic-Con issue, as well as a new interview with executive producer Wendy Mericle about season six as a whole.

You can check out the image of the new Black Canary costume, and the interview with Wendy Mericle from Entertainment Weekly below:

Dinah will be fully suiting up. What were you going for with this costume versus the last two Canary costumes we’ve seen?

I can tell you what my favorite parts of it are and what I think it says about the character. Last season, she wasn’t a full fledged superhero, you could say. She was, she had this power, she had this ability, she was part of the team, but really what this costume signifies more than anything is that she is now a full-fledged member of the team. She was before. But she’s now owning it in a different way. We had talked about having the costume at various points last season and it never felt right. It felt that we wanted to save it for a special occasion, and the premiere seemed like a really good place to do it. She needs something tactical. She has this meta power, but she also has the bo staff, so we just felt it was right for her to have something that was definitely more than a nod to the DCU character, but also something that was distinctive from what we’ve seen before. This really fits the bill. Maya Mani, as usual, did an amazing job with it. My favorite part is actually the subtle hint of the gold and yellow lines in it.

Last season, Dinah was a bit hesitant to take on the role of Black Canary. How does she feel suiting up now?

I think the combination of the costume and this new confidence she has as being part of the team is — this is it, she’s come into her own very much so. It’s a good step forward for her character, but it’s also really representative and a good step forward for the team. People we brought in at the beginning of last season — probably, if they make it off the island — some of them will become full-fledged members of the team. That’s a very different situation than we’ve had in the past. In a way, we’re closing the circle on what we started in episode 501 and 502 last season, which was introducing these new characters and really bringing them along under Oliver’s tutelage. This is going to be the culmination, for her, of where she ends up.

What’s the catalyst of Dinah suiting up?

We haven’t gotten the specific story for it at the moment, but it’s something that I think [we’ll explore]. We have an intervening five months between the finale and where we pick up in the premiere and I think we will take the opportunity to tell the full story of it. But I think yes, the island and everything that happened in the finale has driven her to this point. But at the same time, it’s really the team and this sense of her being a part of something. She was adrift before, but now she’s part of a family and part of this bigger force in the world.

Do you have a theme for the new season that you’re leaning into?

We do. We’re really leaning into this idea of family, and what it’s like to deal with your own biological family, but also to deal with your found family, and the natural emotional conflicts that arise when you have to choose between or balance both of them. Oliver and everybody else, all of our main characters will be grappling with that.

Do you feel like the show is a reboot now going into season 6?

Reboot is one of those words. It’s so funny. I think in some ways yes, I do, but I also think that word can get misconstrued very easily. This show is evolving and it’s exciting because it is a new dynamic this season without the flashbacks. I know I keep saying we have more real estate, but we’ve been in the writers’ room for three weeks and it’s been amazing how different the show feels. There’s just a lot more freedom. It’s actually very exciting because we can take this show to different places now and to different directions. I’ll repeat it, but it really is exciting to have the time and the space to talk about these other characters. We were always sort of pressed, and moved stories so quickly. We’re still moving stories that same way, we just have a little more space to explore other points of view and other characters. It’s fun.

You aren’t tied to those specific flashbacks, but will you still have some sort of flash back or flash forward element?

Absolutely. One of the advantages is we know how to use that device and we’re going to use it for different reasons this season, which will be fun — different characters, different points of view.

It was only a matter of time before Dinah got her own full on Black Canary costume, and this one does look pretty cool. Though it would be nice if she still wore her leather jacket over it still to give it that more comic book feel!

For the full interview with Wendy Mericle, be sure to head on over to Entertainment Weekly.

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